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First edition of ”Falcon Fest” took place between 15-20 May 2017 in honor of May 19 The Commemoration of Atatürk Youth and Sports Day in Şahinkaya Canyon which is the first extreme sports festival of Turkey. Due to inconvenient weather which affected athletes, second edition will take place between 04-09 August 2018 and will be traditionalized. Click to watch the trailer.

Falcon Fest 2018 Registration Form

Sports held within Festival Activities

Professional athletes will participate, engage in activities and perform in 9 different sports: kano, paragliding, kitesurf, paramotor, base jump, slackline/highline, rock climbing, trekking and mountain biking between 4-9 August 2018. Also, on 5 August 2018, first long distance triathlon of Turkey will take place in Samsun, world’s fastest and flattest track. Click here for more information.




Space will be given for the guests who’d like to attend to the festival with their tents in Vezirsuyu Natural Park.
Showers and toilets will be available in the festival area.
There are alternative accomodation options in Vezirköprü center or thermal hotels in Havza.

Festival Location (Falcon Park)

Vezirsuyu Natural Park which is located at the southwest exit of Şahinkaya Canyon will be the festival zone. Canyon can be reached in 30 mins via vehicle and 1 hour via boat from the festival zone.

Attendees can reach the festival zone via private vehicle or can use the information in Location/Transportation section
Space will be given for the guests who’d like to attend to the festival with their tents. BBQ & picnic spaces and a cafeteria will be available.
There will be workshops for the attendees on slackline, canoeing and SUP.


Attendees who’d like to camp with their own tents should cover for their food/beverage needs.
BBQ space and a cafeteria will be available.



There will be shuttle service between 04-09 August from the city center to Vezirsuyu Natural Park.

Vezirköprü is 110 kms away from Samsun and can be reached via land route. From Vezirköprü, Şahinkaya Canyon can be reached with private vehicles via Adatepe, Oymaağa. and Türkmen villages.

Şahinkaya Canyon is 20 kms away from the village center. It has 106 water depth, 4,5 km lenght and approximately 400 meters spot height. Coordinates of the canyon: 41 16’ 32,1” N, 35 25’ 01,2”E.

Canyon can be seen via boats. Also, there is a platform over the water for passenger, load and vehicle transportation across the lake. Festival zone will be in Vezirsuyu Natural Park which will host camping and resting areas.




Festival is free of charge.

Children, teens and adults of all ages can participate.

You can fly to Samsun Çarşamba Airport and then take a bus to Vezirköprü. There are several companies which has Vezirköprü line. From the airport you can take Bafaş bus to Samsun city center and then take a bus or minibus to Samsun bus terminal which you can take a ride to Vezirköprü.
You can get to Vezirköprü bus terminal by bus or minibus from Samsun bus terminal.
You can bring your own tent and accomodate in the festival zone or you can stay in the hotels in Vezirköprü or Havza areas.
You will need a tent, sleeping bag and other personal needs.
Toilets will be available as well as food options.
There will be a cafeteria as well as organic food booths. Also, BBQ and picnic spaces will be available which you can use with your own ingredients.
Activities and workshops will take place between 9:00AM – 18:00PM.
There will be film screening and music events between 4-9 August 2018.
You can participate whenever and as long as you want between the dates 4-9 August 2018.
You can meet and have conversation with the athletes in their free times.
Workshops will be given by the professional athletes on climbing, canoeing, mountain bike, trekking and slackline.
You can bring them and have your own activities in the camping zone.
Unfortunately, swimming will not be allowed during the festival.



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