Other Side of Fear | Cengiz Koçak | TEDxRESET

TEDXReset stage has hosted a ‘’Embrace Your Courage’’ themed conference with speakers who have managed to wrote their stories at Atölye Istanbul on June 4 2018 Saturday with support of Listerine.

Speakers were Biz Evde Yokuz, Güler Yıldırım, Gamze Yalçın and Cengiz Koçak.

Duygu Şar and Bilgehan Çelik quitted their jobs in order to follow their dreams in 2014 and started bizevdeyokuz.com. They gave their speech ‘’Courage is punished at first and rewarded at last.’’ on TEDxReset stage.

Bachelor’s student from Harran University, campus leader and chairwoman of the club Turkishwin-Women in Business, Güler Yıldırım, gave her speech on ‘’Belief and Courage’’ addresing equal opportunities and struggling with courage.

Gamze Yalçın’s speech was titled ‘’Wall Dialogues’’, named after her trip to Phillipines where she started painting walls as a consequence of the inspiration she gained which resulted with her being a wall painter.

After graduating from military school and USA’s United States Army Sergeants Major Academy, Cengiz Koçak worked as a commander, Parachute and Kayaking Instructor for 20 years. After his retirement, he made succesful jumps around the globe and broke records. He shared his colorful story with more than 5.000 jumps under the title ‘’Other Face of Fear’’.