Projects - BASE JUMP


Project Description

This sport branch gets its name from the first letters of the words Building , Antenna , Span and Earth. Concisely, it is a parachute jump from a fixed point. Not affiliated with any federation, the enthusiasts who want to learn it should start firstly by skydiving from planes.

Cengiz Koçak,who has taken road to constitute the base jump map of Turkey, jumped from Şahinkaya Canyon on 05.10.2016 and named this point as Nomad. During the Falcon Fest held in the week of 19 May jumps from this starting point and newly created areas were performed and 19 base jumpers from 19 countries attended to these jumps. In the jumping area which has not landing area, a floating platform was placed for landing in the canyon and the sporters tried to land on this platform and there were ready boats in dam for the sporters who couldn’t land. Everybody are invited to watch the world’s most extreme sport base jump on the boats in the canyon.