Project Description

The canoe sprint race is an extreme sports event where athletes try to finish a certain distance as soon as possible by rowing in canoes on a stagnant water. Races are divided into different categories according to the number of athletes on the canoe and the length of the racing distance. Today, modern canoes are made of carbon fiber and / or high performance fiber glass to minimize weight. This extreme sport is also waiting the extreme sports enthusiasts to Falcon Fest between 4-9 August

The Dragon Boat races are a rather old sport which based on the south east of China. 10 or 20 athletes row in boats which have dragon heads in various colors carved from the wood. The sound of drums and gongs on each boat brings color and excitement to the race. These are accompanied by the cries of the athletes. Dragon Boat competition has two federations in the World: IDBF and ICF. 200, 500, 2000 & 4000 meter races are standard distances in international competition and the races organized in three category: Men, women and mixed. We’ll watch at Falcon Fest, first time in Turkey, 13 km the longest distance race. At the first days of the races, boats were made of wood but currently, they are being made out of carbon fiber and other lightweighted materials for competitive purposes. The old story of this race, based on the third century, was heard by the Europeans in the 1980s and they started to take care of the dragon boat. In Turkey, the dragon boat racing became popular recently.

“Stand Up Paddle Boarding”, or “SUP”, is an extreme sporting event that first started in Hawaii. It’s possible to describe the SUP between traditional boat and modern surfing sports. In contrast to surfing, the athletes do not sit on the board until a wave comes, they keep standing and direct themselves on the water with the help of a paddle. In Turkey, Falcon Fest is a great opportunity for extreme sports enthusiasts who want to discover this new sport that has become popular in recent years.