Project Description

Kite surfing or Kiteborad is a combination of windsurfing, surfing, paragliding in some aspects.Kitesurfers are consolidating this sport with a variety of gymnastic routines. İn Turkey this sport took place in windy Alaçatı shores but this year fort he first it is going to take place in Şahinkaya Canyon on site of Falcon Fest

Specially designed kite , harness which is connected to the kite and board are the essential materials of this sport. These equipments make kitesurfers glide through the water.As a very young sport in the World kitesurfing is elevating its popularıty day by day. With the technological developments over materials this sports is widening and become more safer.

There is 2 or 4 roped versions is available and this ropes connected to the control panel. You can control the kite with this ropes. The other essential equipment is board. Two faced boards are recommended to the begginners. In Turkey this sport started in Alaçatı about ten years ago and spreading very fast through other shores.