Project Description

Mountain bike is a sport that become one of the action sports because of its nature of constant concantration and the tough track conditions. This year in Falcon Fest the mountain bikers will compete fort he first time in Şahinkaya Canyon.

Mountain bike is an off-road sport. The bicycles are manifactured for special needs; lighter than an average bicycle and also its ergonomis structure is suited for tough track conditions.

Mountain bikers should have strong reflexes, good physical condition and muscle power. Advenced biking techniques, falling techniques and knowledge of repairing the apuipment is also essential. When you take the road besides your encourage and passion you need to have canteen, food, repairment tools and spare inner tube. If its possible its ideal to maket his sport as a group. If you’re travelling with a group, pursuit distance should be two bike long.

There is no such a thing as mountain bike season, every season is yours to take the road. Tough weather conditions and challenge is in nature of this sport.