Project Description

Paragliding is the lightest one above all aviation materials. Compare to other extreme sports paragliding has less equipment needed and costs less.This is why most of the people choose to make this sport. In Turkey paragliders can reach the 3000-4000 m height and glide through aproximately 300 km. This year for the first time Paragliding will be implemented in Falcon Fest, Şahinkaya Canyon.

Paragliding parachutes’ fabric part is named wing or canopi. Basically there are two fabric layers with the vent up front is making possible to glide for hours and miles long. Wings are completely air proof and also water proof unless its get fully wet. Ropes, columns, GPS engine, Vanometer are the other tools that sportsmen should have while gliding.

This sport might seem like very dangerous sport but with the right trainings and equipments the most of the danger factor can have eliminated

The Paragliding record is belong to Hakan Akçalar in Turkey. The record is 345 km and started from Kahramanmaraş, landed in Mardin, Kızıltepe.