Project Description

Slackline including Highline is the base of most branches performed on a rope. In the simplest sense, slackline is a kind of sport in which sporters try to stay in balance and walk on a loose rope. A group of mountaineer got bored during their relaxation in the Yosemite Valley which is in USA and wanted to try something different and they tied a rope between two trees. As a result of this, slackline came out. Highline, which is high enough to carry a life risk in case of any fall is called slackline activity.
Since it is performed on higher points than slackline as differ, the sporter should learn fighting against their perceptions and winning. During the week of May 19, the highline was performed by professional sporters in Şahinkaya Canyon and between two rock whose altitudes reaches approximately 250 meters and these performaces were easily watched through the canyon. Moreover, slackline workshops were organised by Professional sporters for enthusiasts on the slackline tracks placing in woodland which is in Vezirsuyu Natural Park.