Projects - TREKKING


Project Description

If you’re always planning to leave the city but next day wake up and rush to work again, maybe its time for you to meet trekking. For whom wants to upgrade their walking performance in many beautiful spots and to discover mental and physical strenght of theirs, trekking track will be set for trekkers in Falcon Fest between 4-9 August for the first time.

The most important point for beginners of treakking is, withour preparation trainings, proper equipments and at least one trainor you shouln’t hit the road. The most healhiest way is to find a experienced cruel to walk with.

Trekkers can push their limits further in challenging roads.This sport is made as lined up large groups with a trainor or leader. During the trekking sportsmen can take little breaks without losing their rhythm of breating or long stops for needs.

One of the most important point while doing this sport is the backpack which must contain all needed materials for changing air and track conditions. The backpack with waist support and in this backpack must comprise map, compass, flashlight, food and drink, raincoat and fist aid kit for quality walking experience

If you want to try or observe this sport, this year your address will be Falcon Fest between 4-9 August.