Projects - TRIATHLON


Project Description

Triathlon is a sport that combines three branch as a word. These branchs respectively swimming, cycling and running. You need to complete all three phases in good timing to be successful in this sport.

Tactical and technical approaches are essential for success. Which branch will be primary or which strategy will be implemented is totally depends on triathletes plans. Triathlon focuses on different groups of muscles in every phase. In swimming track, away from classical pool races, could be lake, sea or river and the style is also different, triathletes are using a style called ‘dolphine stroke’ instead of conventional styles. After swimming the next step is cycling. The bicycles are also different from any kind. The handle bars designed for maximazing the aerodinamic adventages. Wheels and saddle also designed as to minimize the burden over running muscles.

The olimpic distances are swimming (1.5 km), cycling (40 km) and running (10 km). Furthermore, triathlon has several categories like short(sprint) and long distance. The triathlon races which will be organized at 5 August at Samsun city center, will be run in three categories : Short, olympic and long distance. There will be 350 athletes from 9 countries. These races will gain importance because of a few reasons : The long distance triathlon will be held in Turkey for the first time, this year is triathlon’s 30th anniversary in Turkey and these triathlon races will be organized in memory of Nihat Aydın who is the first triathlete of Turkey.