The Value Of Falcon Fest Is More Than 1 Million Turkish Lira

The value of Turkey’s first and only festival of extreme sports Falcon Fest, which will be organized for the second time by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and Samsun Tourism Area Infrastructure Service Association (SAMTAB) in Vezirköprü Şahinkaya Canyon, exceeded 1 million Turkish Lira (TL).

Falcon Fest, this year, will be held for the second time by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and SAMTAB on 4-9 August. According to the information provided by the media analysis company Haber Metre, the festival’s total publicity value reached approximately 1.3 million TL. The festival will start after about 20 days, but the advertising budget figures show how valuable Falcon Fest is.

The newspaper advertisement value is 75.000 TL, the television advertisement value is 725.000 TL and the internet advertisement value is 480.000 TL. And the total of the advertising values reached approximately 1.3 million TL

200 athletes from 14 countries will compete in 10 sports, including Canoe, Dragon Boat, Paragliding, Kitesurf, Paramotor, BASE Jump, Slackline / Highline, Rock Climbing, Trekking and Mountain Biking, at Turkey’s first and only international extreme sports festival.

In the festival area, various activities will be organized for the camp participants as well as sporting demonstrations. Sports lovers who want to camp in the festival area or participate as athletes can apply at